Hospital Name
NRI Hospital
Blood Group
Mangalagiri, Andhra Pradesh


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    Posted On Mar 10, 2022

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need AB-ve blood near Mangalagiri Andhra Pradesh
  • need AB-ve blood near Mangalagiri Andhra Pradesh

[CLOSED] We Need of AB- blood

Required By March 15
Hospital NRI Hospital, Mangalagiri,Andhra Pradesh
Blood GroupAB-ve
Num of units6
Contact Number 9010466610
Contact Person AnjiReddy
Patient Name D. RamiReddy

Message from UnVerified User

Hi All, My father was Suffering Heart Problem we need Heart Bypass surgery . We are in a great need of AB- blood. I would be really really THANKFUL and GREATFUL if you could kindly help donate or help pass this message to your friends who can donate blood.

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