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Donating Blood is a SAFE and EASY process.

We all have encountered a situation where patient needs blood to live. Not only during accidents, blood transfusion to a person is required due to many reasons, blood is required to a cancer patient, kidney disease. some of several reasons can be due to infection that causes your body to stop making blood. In recent analysis, we found that many of patients die due to lack of availability of blood on time. even though donating blood is simple and safe but still many of us are not sure how to donate and where to donate blood, Donor MeetUP is here to connect people who require blood with people who need blood.

Recent Requirements

Blood Group :O+ve
Hospital :NIMS
Branch :Punjagutta,Telangana

Patient is going through treatment and suffered due to blood loss Load More

Blood Group :B+ve
Hospital :Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG)
Branch :Gachibowli,Telangana

Urgent need of blood for Whipple Surgery. Its a complicated procedure so atleast 4 units of blood wi Load More

Blood Group :O-ve
Hospital :Manipal
Branch :Vijayawada ,Andhra Pradesh

Due to accident lot of injuries heavy blood loss, please respond earlier save life 🧬 Load More

Blood Group :AB+ve
Hospital :Medway Hospital, Kodambakkam, Chennai
Branch :Kodambakkam, chennai ,Tamil Nadu

Her Hemoglobin level reduced to 6.5 due to cancer maintenance medication. Currently admitted in Medw Load More