Hospital Name
Balaji Hospital
Blood Group
Nirmal, Telangana


  @Ganesh Boyine
    Posted On Sep 9, 2021

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need B+ve blood near Nirmal Telangana

Hi there, We are in immediate need of b+ blood donor for platelets. Request date time Dt 10th Sep 21 at 5.20pm

Required By Sep 10
Hospital Balaji Hospital, Nirmal,Telangana
Blood GroupB+ve
Num of units1
Contact Number 9768539937
Contact Person Ganesh B
Patient Name Daughter of Ganesh Boyine

Message from Ganesh Boyine

Hi there, Our new born baby of 10days platelets count is reduced below normal range & doctor advised to find a donor (B+) for platelets, pls contact on my number if your blood group is B+ & can help donate now

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