Request For Blood

Please fill the below form to request for blood, we will update the requirement on our home page, you can search for donors near your area in search section, all the fields must be filled and kindly do not give false information, we may verify your request by calling to the number given, if found false the requirement will be deleted from home page. click Here To Donate Blood for Others in need

Request for Blood

Patient Details

Once you submit this form, We will update our requirements and we will notify all our donors by Sending Email , SMS , Direct Message and We will post this requirement on facebook, Twitter and evey where possible to find you a donor. Don't forget you also have option to close this blood request once you find donor so we will remove your contact number from all our post and we will mark it as completed

How is this Form helpfull for requesting Blood ?

  • Patient Name: Helps Donors identify whom they are calling regarding. Example: if some one is interested in donating blood and tried to contact the number provided , it is easy for donor to tell other person that he found blood requirement post for patient name xyz*** on and he is interested in donating blood.

  • Blood Group : Helps us find donors fast in your area.If you are not sure of blood group Type, Please contact doctor who requested for emergency blood request for patient.

  • Contact Number : Please provide Best Contact Number to which Donor should contact.

  • Required By : By when do you need Blood ? We have see many cases where blood required every month. If Patient need blood every month please mention in Reason box below.

  • Hospital & Branch : Provide Hospital Name and Branch/ area of Hospital.

  • State : is all over India. Please provide State so we can notify right people.

  • Short Message : This will be sent in SMS and EMAIL , so make sure you provide right content here.Example : Need O+ve blood group for my friend/relative/Some one i know for Surgery/Treatment/etc.

  • Reason : Please provide reason why blood is required, this helps donors to understand how critical it is for them to donate Blood.

if you are interested in Donating Blood, Please make sure you check requirments here